kb10uy Web Service AWS parody
KB10UY Microsoft Support parody
blog My blog
ss ShortStoryServer (under construction)
streaming Soine Streaming Server
files Autoindex of this site (original design)
seaurchin Seaurchin Wiki
homo The ring of victim of @mpyw
ホモ Alias of homo
mpyw @mpyw lootbox
api.mpyw @mpyw lootbox API
databaseerror Error establishing a database connection
データベース接続確立エラー Alias of databaseerror
sperm My used condom
使用済みコンドーム Alias of sperm
σπέρμα Alias of sperm
handjob Yet another my sperm
hydrogen-sound Ah, the sound of hydrogen!
水素水 Alias of hydrogen-sound
api.hydrogen-sound Hydrogen sound API
netdata The netdata status
ontology Screenshots of my SSR idols
日下夏稀 My beloved
お散歩カメラ Shall we go my favorite café in the back of alley next time?
echarge Electric field line visualizer Astumori for Windows Twitter Block Viewer Used to be 諦めるのは easy 2018年の目標: 他人をオモチャにしない O-ta isan for Windows
ShutdownPreventer.7z Keep your Windows awake TomoriNao for Windows
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The design of this site is heavily inspired by GitHub.

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Tochigi, Japan